The Top 7 Wedding Venues in Waukesha

PLUS: A Newly Discovered Outdoor Venue At The Bottom That Was Awarded By The Knot As A Top Venue in Wisconsin in 2022!!!

Congratulations on being engaged and taking the next step in your life with your partner! Getting married can be a huge challenge with lots of decisions and things to plan. Thankfully, we’re here to help with one of the biggest ones – your venue! We have here a list of the best wedding venues in Waukesha, WI and we’ve done the research.

We consider many factors when ranking these venues. Things like accessibility, affordability, amenities, location, size and catering options. We are truly looking for a combination of unique places that provide that “wow” factor in different areas while still thinking about your overall budget.

PLUS, we have a surprise at the bottom! There’s a “hidden gem” venue that was just discovered by The Knot® and immediately awarded the 2022 Best Venue Badge over many other venues in Wisconsin. And the best news is this newly discovered venue is just 30 minutes north of Waukesha. So take a look at the whole list and see for yourself.

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Outdoor Country Wedding

7. Waukesha Elks Lodge

Location: Waukesha, WI

Rating Online: 4.6 stars with 146 Reviews

The Elks Lodge is a nice option for a venue and certainly has all the basic necessities needed to hold a wonderful event. It will, however, require some magical imagination and creative design to turn this space into a wonderland of love and bliss.

The Elks Lodge is a standard event space used by many groups here in Waukesha. It has parquet floors in many of their large room options and do not provide catering on site. Everything you will need to host a wedding; you have to provide.

As an event space, this spot certainly checks all the basic boxes. But beyond that, it’s not much different from a large warehouse in terms of unique design and style. You need to bring that and have an eye for turning ordinary into extraordinary.

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6. Milwaukee Marriott West

Location: Waukesha, WI

Capacity: 200

Rating Online: 4.5 stars with 1,014 Reviews

A standard option for a hotel wedding venue is the Milwaukee Marriott West. Located in the heart of downtown Waukesha, this venue provides a traditional venue experience that many are accustomed too. It’s got a large event space with seating up to 200, catering options, a wedding planner on staff and more. If you’re more comfortable with a “tried and true” wedding experience, you can’t go wrong with the Marriott.

The hotel obviously has some perks also considering the party will be thrown in the same place that most guests will be staying. This allows for more people to cut loose and enjoy themselves since they can just walk to bed.

The Marriott franchise is a quality hotel chain and certainly provides a quality experience for any couple looking to tie the knot. It just doesn’t truly provide that “wow” factor that some people might seek. If you’re a person who wants something different, unique, out-of-the-box, then check out our other options on this Waukesha wedding venue list.

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5. The Legend at Merrill Hills

Location: Waukesha, WI

Capacity: 300

Rating Online: 4.4 Stars with 82 Reviews

This venue is currently under major remodeling (2022) and will be having a grand re-opening at the end of summer. The new renovations are expected to be tremendous while also expanding the capacity up to 300 people.

Even before the renovation, The Legend is a marvelous place to get married. With options to host your big day outside on a patio or inside in a large room, there’s options for every style. And with it being on a golf course, you know class and elegance will be on point.

The outdoor garden-like setting provides a tranquil oasis with breathtaking views for all to enjoy. Mature trees and a small waterfall feature give standout performances for those “wow” photos everyone wants at their wedding.

The indoor space left a little to be desired. It was a more standard banquet hall type room that was smaller in size and lacking in character. We will have to wait and see what these new renovations bring. If it truly upgrades the interior space, this venue might jump a few spots since it has pretty much everything else a couple would want!

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4. Lilac Acres

Location: Waukesha, WI

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 51 Reviews

This is a new kid on the block for wedding venues in Waukesha. Lilac Acres has only been open a short time but is quickly gaining rave reviews from brides and grooms all over Wisconsin. As an event spaced catered more toward barn weddings, Lilac Acres prides itself on quality over quantity so all guests have a fantastic experience.

If you’re looking for that outdoor barn wedding venue and want it near Waukesha, this is certainly a place to visit. Plus, with an entire guest house on site, this venue offers a place for the bride and groom to crash after the wedding that’s only steps away from the venue.

Since this venue is newer, they haven’t fully established a catering option yet. So you will need to find your own food and beverage options for this space. Lilac Acres can provide the liquor so that’s one big plus! And with prices listed directly on their website, it makes scanning through their options simple and easy. Check them out and see if the new kid has what it takes to compete with the established venues here in Waukesha.

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3. The Loft & Chapel at Cedar Ridge

Location: Waukesha, WI

Rating Online: 4.3 Stars with 262 Reviews

This wonderful and unique wedding venue strikes a fun balance between classic and chic. With the ability to customize the look and feel, this venue can go either way depending on your design ideas. Bring your Pinterest board and start planning as this venue can pop with bright colors or bring sophistication with its unique blend of modern flair and classic design.

With both an indoor and outdoor event space, you and customize your big day to your liking. As the name states, you have options and can use anything and everything to your liking. With a fun outdoor pergola, you can have a nature-filled wedding under the sunshine. With the chapel, you can have a traditional religious affair that feels wholesome.

And with catering provided on site, you have the main elements covered under one roof which makes things easier for the bride and groom. Plus, they list all their prices right on their website so you can get price ideas ahead of time. This is a great event space for brides who want flexibility and have a specific look they want to create.

Scroll to see several photos courtesy of The Loft & Chapel at Cedar Ridge website:

2. Tuscan Hall Venue & Catering

Location: Waukesha, WI

Capacity: 225

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 150 Reviews

Another award-winning event space in the Tuscan Hall located right in the heart of Waukesha. This incredible venue has won so many awards, it’s tough to count them all. It’s been featured as an award-winning venue in WeddingWire®, Premier Bride®, and The Knot®. In fact, it was even awarded the Hall of Fame badge from The Knot® for its continued success in hosting events.

Tuscan Hall has it all – a beautiful venue that can be styled to your exact liking, a catering staff on site to help plan meals, connections with local vendors like DJs and cake decorators, and can host up to 225 guests. Since it’s located downtown, your guests will also be able to leverage local hotels to stay nearby in the event they party just a little too hard. It has a wonderful indoor and outdoor space for guests to enjoy.

And if you’re searching for a more intimate space with a smaller crowd, Tuscan Hall has a special “Wine Room” that you can rent for up to 75 people. This cozy space gives flexibility for brides of all types and still brings a gorgeous space customizable to your desire.

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1. Historic Courthouse 1893

Location: Waukesha, WI

Capacity: 300

Rating Online: 4.9 Stars with 73 Reviews

This incredible venue has been listed on several different “best venues” lists – and for good reason. It’s one of those true one-of-a-kind experiences that provides the best of many worlds. With a historic church, this venue brings you back into architectural beauty with its majestic steeple and archways while still feeling like a modern event space.

With a space large enough for 300 guests, The Courthouse can anything you want – an elegant and intimate gathering of meaningful connections or a massive party for all to dance along with. And with catering provided by an award-winning chef, you’re sure to host a wedding that guests will talk about for years to come.

Located in downtown Waukesha makes this venue an ideal #1 choice on our list. With accommodations all around this historic location, you’re sure to love looking at the pictures and even visiting for a tour. Be warned because this place books up fast!

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The Gardens Wedding Center

Location: Allenton, WI

Capacity: 150

Founded: 1844

Rating Online: 4.8 stars with 155 Reviews

YES! The Bonus venue is The Gardens Wedding Center. We’re a little biased, but we truly believe we have the most incredible space for two people to tie the knot. And clearly The Knot© believes so too when they discovered us in late 2021. Within a few weeks, The Gardens Wedding Center received a coveted Best Venues In Wisconsin badge of honor!


With breathtaking gardens and immaculate landscaping, The Gardens Wedding Center in Allenton, WI makes an ideal venue for your rustic wedding. This romantic location consists of 4 buildings, all of which can be used separately or combined to create an unforgettable setting for your ceremony and reception.

Whether you want to host your wedding in spring, summer, fall, or winter, you’ll find everything you need to make it your most beautiful day ever at The Gardens Wedding Center! This building has a beautiful church that can host any size wedding. Inside, you’ll find stained glass windows, rich woodwork, and other touches of class that make your day truly special.

Outside in summer or inside in winter, you’ll love saying your vows here. The garden is especially stunning-perfect for a formal ceremony or an intimate one.

With winding paths and beautiful flowers and grasses everywhere, it’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want something unique but timeless to mark your day as one of a kind. If it’s chilly outside on your big day, fear not! This space also has gorgeous ballrooms with high ceilings and chandeliers perfect for a magical evening affair.

Scroll to see several photos courtesy of The Gardens Wedding Center throughout our gallery page here.

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