Frequently Asked Questions

We certainly understand your desire to exchange your vows at our beautiful property. We only host a limited amount of weddings a year and it would not be fair to the couples wishing to spend their full day with us by carving out a couple hours of their day for someone else. Since we do not have minimums for our catering or bar packages, you are more than welcome to rent the facility for the full day but hold your reception elsewhere. Our rental prices can be viewed here on our Services page.

The Gardens Wedding Center does not have a designated officiant nor do we supply you with one. We encourage our couples to find the officiant that is the best match for them, whether it is a priest, ordained minister, friend or family member. We do offer several options for officiants on our preferred vendor list as we have come to meet several who are more familiar with the process while loving and holding as much value to our property as we do.

Our venue pricing is designed so hidden fees don’t pop up unexpectedly. Additional fees are only added if you choose to utilize them. Some examples are: various bar packages, wedding planner, additional microphones, Sound System needs outside of basic package, Projector Rental, etc. Other additional fees may be applied if damage to our property occurs or if your event begins earlier or runs later than the designated times. 5.5% Wisconsin Sales Tax will be added to your final invoice

Your date will be reserved after a minimum 1/3 of venue rental as a non-refundable retainer including applicable taxes has been made. An additional 1/3 is due 6 months prior to event. Remaining venue balance (plus tax) due 30 days prior to event. We accept cash, check or credit (MC/Visa) Please note there is an additional 3.5% service fee applied to all credit card transactions.

We are located in the township of Addison, WI

The vendors you utilize for your wedding day are critical to you having the day you have always dreamed about! We highly suggest choosing vendors that have worked here before. We aren’t your typical venue so it takes a time or two of being out here to truly know the space and to identify where they can best perform their services. We have accumulated a list of some suggestions. These are all proven providers that have done amazing work at The Gardens and were highly recommended by our previous couples to suggest to our our future couples. Please click here for that list as it also creates a great roadmap to fulfilling all of the vendor needs for your day.

Both Hartford and West Bend are nearby. Here are some hotel suggestions to get you started.

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites & Suites (Distance: 10 miles)
Super 8 by Wyndham (Distance: 10 miles)
Quality Inn & Suites (Distance: 9 miles)

If you are wishing to continue the historic Wisconsin theme going through out your event, there are several Historic Lodging/Bed & Breakfasts in our area including some of our own options. Check out these below and don’t hesitate to reach out for additional suggestions.

Iron Ridge Inn  (Distance: 11 miles)
Westphal Mansion Inn; (Distance: 11 miles)
River’s Bend Inn (Distance 11 miles)
Honeybee Inn (Distance 13 miles)

It has long been customary to throw things at the newly wedded. We ask that you please remain respectful to the property and future ceremonies that will be taking place after yours. Rice, Birdseed, confetti and glitter are very time consuming to clean up and some pose a slip hazard. We would hate to have one of your guests injured or your time for photos taken up having to clean the mess. A fun alternative is bubbles. A butterfly or dove release makes for a lovely ending to the ceremony as well.

Please make sure everyone below is on time to the rehearsal:

All officiates should attend the entire rehearsal of their respective wedding.

If you are having live musicians perform for your ceremony, they should also attend. We need to verify that between them and our sound tech that all needed microphones, cables and connectors are in place for your day.

You may need one or two adult parking attendantsThey need to arrive 60 minutes prior to the wedding and will receive instruction the night of the rehearsal; please have them attend.

You may consider an adult bell ringer or two. The bell ringers help the children ring the bells (they take a little muscle to get started). The bells are rung at the pronouncement of Husband and Wife. Please ring the bells for several minutes. We love this special way to announce your joy.

All rehearsals are one hour long. There are no exceptions. Make sure your wedding party is prompt and organized.

A Gardens representative will run approximately the first 30 minutes of the rehearsal. It is important for us to know and help run the bridal procession in the correct order to ensure everything runs smoothly for your ceremony. They will also show the parking attendants the parking areas (there is no parking in the cemetery, blocking the private drive between the church and the school house, or in front of the neighbor’s garage) and show the bell ringing attendants the bell tower.

Other points covered during the rehearsal:

  • Ushers and attendants will be informed of where the bathrooms are located (most frequently asked question)
  • NO ALCOHOLis permitted to be carried in anywhere on the grounds or in the buildings at any point of the event unless provided by our staff. Any violation risks the closing of our facility to not only your wedding but all future weddings as well. We will gladly open the bar for service if desired.
  • Please keep an eye on children. Do not permit them to run in the church, play in or around the fishpond or go up in the balcony without an adult.
  • If bubbles are being used, how and where do you want them handed out?
  • Please have the wedding party park towards the sides of the parking lot when arriving. The photographers use the front of the church for some very amazing pictures with the wedding party.
  • Please remember this is a church so please be respectful. It is a very big part of our community’s history and we need your assistance in preserving it for generations to come.

While there is no requirement for music, the following are the historic moments that have been selected for music to be played for the guests and announcement of the various bridal party members.

  • Entry music for the bulk of your guests
  • Grandparent and mother’s walk to their seating
  • Unity Candle lighting
  • Bridal party entrance
  • Bridal march
  • The Recessional

Reminder: If having live musicians, they need to verify with us proper equipment is in place. We are set up perfectly for pre-recorded music but can work with your musician (s) to make sure amplification is in place for them to be heard if needed. Additional equipment may be needed.

The bride can either have the men stand in the back foyer with the women, women on the left, or the men may come out from the groom’s room and walk halfway up the aisle to meet the women. The groomsmen may also come from the groom’s room and walk along the side aisle to the back foyer of the church to escort the bridesmaids. Preferably, all attendants come from the foyer. It makes for nice pictures coming down the aisle together, and is less for the attendants to worry about. The bride is brought from the bride’s room and taken outside to the side entrance of the church.

Processional Line Up- The flower girl and ring bearer stand behind the maid of honor. The maid of honor stands on the inside of the glass entrance doors. The other bridesmaids stand in front of her in whatever order is designated by the bride. NOTE: If the children in the processional are not able to stand through the entire ceremony please have them walk down the aisle and then sit with their grandparents or another relative to help keep your time enjoyable as well as theirs.

In front of the first set of attendants, is the mother of the bride. In front of her are the groom’s parents. Grandparents are then seated in front of the groom’s parents and the first to be escorted.

If you are looking to the front of the church from the entrance, the Groom’s family is on the right and the Bride’s family is on the left.

The grandparents walk down the aisle first. Next, the parents of the groom walk down. Traditionally, an usher escorts the women and the men walk behind. If the mothers are lighting a unity candle, the father of the groom sits down in the first pew. The mother of the groom stands by the right front pew and does not sit down. If there is not a unity candle, the parents of the groom sit down together in the first pew. The next to be escorted up are the parents of the bride. If the mothers are lighting the unity candle they will walk up the stairs together at this time and go to opposite sides of the alter and light the end candles of the unity candle. They will then walk back to the pews together and sit in their respective seats.

The groom and pastor are in the groom’s room. The men come out from the Groom’s room when the mothers are finished lighting the candles (or seated if they are not lighting the unity candle). The groom stands in front of his parents. The officiant stands on the alter carpeting or on the main floor of the church to the side.

The first bridal couple starts to walk down the aisle slowly and gracefully. As the first couple leaves the foyer area, the next couple steps up to the metal threshold in the carpeting. Remember at this point that pictures are being taken and couples need to be still. They will be seen in the background of all pictures. When the last bridal couple starts to walk, then the ushers close the doors from within the foyer. The father of the bride escorts the bride into the foyer.

On cue from the coordinator, the ushers slowly pull open the doors to the inside of the foyer as the bride walks down the aisle. The wedding coordinator fluffs the train and the doors close behind the bride as soon as her dress is out of the foyer. This reduces the backlight for the photographer. When the bride and father are down toward the front of the church and pictures are not being taken towards the back, the ushers can open the foyer doors again and go sit with their families.

At the end of the wedding the married couple walks down the aisle with the bridal attendants following in the reverse order that they walked up with. If the couple wants a receiving line they can go directly outside, or chose to have one inside. If they do not have a receiving line, the couple can walk outside and around the building to the door that enters the Groom’s room and then start taking pictures in the church. We desire pictures to be taken inside first and then outside to help with the flow of additional ceremonies that will be occurring after yours.

As much as we love providing the back drop to your best memories, we are no longer offering up our home to photographers except to capture contracted events that the property was rented to hold. Careless destruction and disrespect by some has ruined it for all. Trespassing is not allowed. Please honor our privacy as this is also our home.

If you wish to have alcohol at your rehearsal, ceremony or reception, it needs to be arranged in advance with us so that we may have time to place the order with our distributor. Additional fees to cover bartender labor may apply. Please reach out to discuss your specific needs and we will tailor a plan perfect for your event. State law mandates that absolutely no carry ins are allowed anywhere on the property. This includes tail gating or coolers brought into any changing rooms on your rehearsal night or wedding day. Anyone discovered in violation will be asked to leave the property regardless of their role in your wedding. We can not risk ruining all of the future weddings that our brides and grooms have been working so hard to plan by having our business closed down due to someone breaking the law.

We have two indoor spaces and outdoor spaces that can be used for dining or dancing the night away. Our chapel can be flipped from ceremony to grand reception hall while your guests enjoy cocktail hour in any of the other beautiful settings included in your day at The Gardens. During our peak season, we can seat as many as 150 for dining in the chapel. Off peak limit is 75 total. The second indoor space is our historic schoolhouse. While dining arrangements can be made for up to 50 people in this newly renovated space, it is perfect for 35 or less. During our Summer and early Fall season, the surrounding outdoor garden does have a 30’x60′ high peak tent on a cement surface that can fit as many as 150 with space for buffet and related tables. The north yard is also available for creative utilizations whether they be dining, dancing or setting up your own yard game olympics. We do have multiple games available for rental or you can bring your own.

In the long history of The Gardens Wedding Center here in our little town of Nenno, only a small portion were unable to take pictures outside due to rain. Remember the rain is what brings all the beautiful flowers to life and many brides have snuck outdoors to have a few shots snapped in the rain. In the event we have rain on the day of your outdoor wedding, we can relocate the masses into our beautiful Gothic Revival chapel built in 1867.

The day of your wedding will be one of the most important days in your life. Your comfort, happiness and hopes are everything to us, and we do all we can to make sure the property is clean, organized and looking great for your wedding day.

Our outdoor platform is perfect for wedding ceremonies. The outdoor wedding area has a backdrop of several arborvitaes and beautiful perennial beds that are planted on either side of the wedding platform. We have permanent seating for a couple hundred and electricity is available throughout the gardens for your musicians. An additional platform in the rear of the outdoor wedding area is situated for musicians to play. We have outdoor lighting as well for dusk and evening weddings. The gardens are designed to change throughout the year, providing elegant areas for pictures during each season. The pond and waterfall are terrific backdrops for pictures all year around, and the rest of the garden is blooming wonderfully May through November.

Our Gothic Revival chapel seats 150 comfortably. It is always ready for your wedding.

Another amazing thing about our venue is our cuisine. Chef Kent Schmidt is not only our favorite son in law but is also a well reknowned chef. From his Food Network appearances to his culinary experience providing tastebud tantalizing menus to Southern California’s most discerning appetites, Chef Kent will impress your guests by working with you to create a custom menu for them. We do have a long list of previous menus here [] but we do encourage you to have every moment of your celebration reflect the uniqueness of the love you two share and let us know about your favorite meal.

Due to state laws and insurance regulations, we are forced to operate within certain guidelines. Other restrictions may apply that are unforeseen at this time. Please reach out if you feel something may be questionable.

Due to state laws and insurance regulations, we are forced to operate within certain guidelines. We have provided a preferred list for you to select from that are aware of the needs. If you have someone you would like to bring that isn’t on that list, please have them reach out. If they are a licensed operation, they are probably already compliant but verification is required. Per Wisconsin law, carry-in/outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted. When it comes to décor, we are happy to work with you in order to create your dream wedding, however, some restrictions may apply for affixing décor to our walls and outdoor spaces. Other restrictions may apply that are unforeseen at this time. Please reach out if you feel something may be questionable.

This is not a requirement for anyone but will certainly add to the natural beauty our property provides. We have provided options on our preferred vendor list that have received rave reviews. You are not required to use them. We just wanted to offer you some tried and true professionals to make your wedding planning easier.

We do have several items that are a part of our venue look and feel. Many can be removed partially or entirely. Our daughter has also been amassing quite a collection of items available for rent. After witnessing families bring in similar items on a weekly basis, she made a shopping list and got to work. Please share your Pinterest album with her and she will show you something she has in that style so you will have even less to worry about on your big day.

Shoot location for TV and Films, Business meetings/retreats, baptisms and other church related services, dinner parties, educational sessions, craft fairs, car shows, musical recording sessions, fashion shows, luncheons, company picnics, family reunions, vow renewals and many more. Contact our facility management for pricing and to determine if we can host something we may not have listed above.

Venue rental for non wedding events is available Sundays through Wednesdays at $300 per hour (4 hour minimum including set up time)

Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have.

The total length of the aisle from the paver path to the altar is 112′ feet. It is 55′ from the paver path to the side entrance where the arbor/seating area begins. It is 57′ from the arbor to the altar. The altar is 6′ deep and 12′ wide.

We love the doggies! They truly our an extension of the family and some of our favorite wedding photos here have included the couple’s pups. We suggest having a plan for them to return to their place for the night for the reception but including them in your ceremony is a great personal touch. No charge for them to be here but we do have a damage waiver noted on the contract and they need to have a personal attendant.

We have done our best to make it simple to determine the cost of your event. Please see this page for a breakout based upon your desired date.

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AVAILABILITY (Booking through 2025)



We are nestled in the country just 4 miles off I-41.

From the south: Take 41/45 North. When 41 and 45 split, take 41 North. You will pass Slinger/Jackson Exit. Within 10 minutes you will come to an exit for Washington Street, otherwise known as Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (left) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.

From the north: Take 41 South to Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (right) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.


  • 35 Minutes from Milwaukee

  • 25 Minutes from Fond du Lac

  • 15 Minutes from West Bend

  • 25 Minutes from Beaver Dam

  • 7003 Hwy 175 Allenton, WI 53002

  • 262-629-4411