Top 12 Breathtaking Wedding Venues in Milwauke WI

A wedding is a special day in one’s life as it brings together family and friends to celebrate the important marriage transition. For the day to be alive and fun, you have to find the best venue for the celebrations. Well, not every place is ideal for your wedding ceremony. For a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you need a wedding venue that will give you the unforgettable experience that everyone will talk about. So if you’re searching for the best wedding venues in Milwaukee, we have just the list for you. Check out our top 12 most breathtaking venues!

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Outdoor Country Wedding

12. Boerner Botanical Gardens

Location: Hales Corners, WI

Capacity: 300

Rating Online: 4.7 stars with 2,101 Reviews

Boerner Botanical Gardens is located at 9400 Boerner Drive Hales Corners, WI 53130. The history of the place goes back to 1929 when the land that houses the gardens was bought. Over the many years that the gardens have been in existence, they have grown to become attractive enough to hold wedding events. The garden can host up to 300 guests. If you want a place that appreciates the beauty of nature through well-kept gardens, this is a place to give a thought. Certainly, this is a place you can choose for a wedding event.

There are features and facilities that boost the reputation of the gardens to become unique wedding venues.

  • Tables and chairs – There are quality and elegant seats and tables to make your day a success
  • Outdoor space – Adequate space for outdoor activities
  • Adequate meeting space – There is adequate space for guests to interact and have fun on your big day
  • WiFi – For the convenience of being on the internet, you’ll get the services you need
  • Free parking – If you’ll need parking space that’s safe for your guests, there is free parking at the venue
  • Quality staff and services – There are quality services and staff to take care of the unique needs of guests

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11. Milwaukee County War Memorial Center

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 260

Established in 1950s

Rating Online: 4.7 stars with 254 Reviews

The location of Milwaukee County War Memorial Center is 750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202. The history of this magnificent place dates back in the 1950s. In 1957, the place was dedicated and in 1974 it became a landmark. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that can serve your celebration needs, you can choose it as a viable option. With a seating capacity of 260 guests, you have the space you need to comfortably host your family and friends. Something important to mention about this place is that there are indoor and outdoor facilities that will make your day a memorable one.

There are features that make the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center a great

venue for weddings. Here are some of the features that you expect to find at the venue:

  • High-quality staff with the experience and proficiency to do a wonderful job for guests
  • Scenic views around the banquet hall
  • An outdoor plaza with amazing sights of Lake Michigan
  • Tried and tested services that give guests memorable experiences
  • Beautiful white wooden seats
  • A striking dance floor
  • Quality set up for a wedding celebration

Try this wedding venue to make your day a memorable one for your family and friends.

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10. Sixth Floor Event Venue

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 250

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 97 Reviews

Sixth Floor is located at 176 W Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee, WI 53203. This is a venue with a reliable history of hosting wedding events to the satisfaction of guests. It has an adequate space for accommodating a good number of people. If you have 300 guests, this venue will comfortably host them. If they are seated, it will be possible to host 250 guests. If they are standing, the space can accommodate up to 300 guests. There are features that make this venue one of the best in Milwaukee. Here are some of the features you’ll get to experience if you choose this place as your preferred wedding venue:

  • A private elevator
  • Beautiful lighting to add more color and excitement to your event
  • A striking large dance floor-If you need a large space for dancing together with your family and friends, you can get it from this venue.
  • Well-furnished and clean restrooms
  • Ceiling to floor windows
  • The spectacular appearance of the venue makes it a popular venue for people doing weddings.

If you live nearby and you’re looking for a venue that will serve you and your guests well, you can consider the Sixth Floor Event Venue.

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9. Story Hill Firehouse

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 150

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 68 Reviews

The story of Story Hill Firehouse started back in 1927. Since then, the venue has continued to grow to become a popular wedding venue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The location of the Story Hill Firehouse is 407 N Hawley Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53213. In terms of the venue’s seating capacity, a total of 150 guests can be well accommodated. A major aspect that sets this venue apart from others in the area is the high quality of services offered by the staff. The members of staff of the wedding venue are experienced and proficient enough to serve guests according to their respective needs and preferences. There are features and facilities that will interest you if you choose the Story Hill Firehouse for your wedding celebrations. Here are the major features you’ll enjoy at this venue:

  • Quality furniture to make the guests comfortable
  • Quality service from the staff
  • Custom-built services that meet the individual needs of guests, for example a bar that serves what guests need
  • Entertainment options that will keep your family and friends entertained during the wedding ceremony

Visit the historic place for a wonderful and memorable experience together with your family and friends. You can trust the services and facilities offered at the Story Hill Firehouse.

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8. The Grain Exchange – Bartolotta Catering

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 500

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 107 Reviews

This beautiful venue is located at 225 E Michigan St, Milwaukee, WI 53202. This is a catering and events venue with a rich history to back it. It was in 1993 that the place opened its doors for the public. If you’re in need of a stunning and quality wedding venue, you can consider this one. You don’t have to worry about the space for accommodation because the Grain Exchange can host up to 500 guests. Well, this is a great opportunity for you to bring together your family and friends to enjoy your memorable day. Apart from the number of people who can get accommodated in the venue, there are other features that make it a unique one. The other features you’ll find in the wedding venue include:

  • Soaring ceilings
  • Quality hospitality
  • Quality services from the staff
  • Amazing architecture
  • Large dance floor

You can consider this venue for your big day. Couples who want to have a memorable day can choose it to offer them what they need.

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7. St James 1868

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 150 – 250

Rating Online: 4.9 Stars with 67 Reviews

The St James 1868 takes pride in having 2 beautiful venues well known for hosting weddings. The historic venue has a rich history that dates back 150 years ago. For this reason, it is one of the top wedding venues in Madison Wisconsin. It is located at 833 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233. This is a strategic place that allows interested persons to have the best on their best days. There are two venues of interest for people looking for a place to host their wedding guests. They include: The Abbey and The Hyde. The Abbey accommodates up to 250 guests. The Hyde accommodates up to 150 guests.

There are features that make St James 1868 a unique venue for wedding ceremonies. These are the features you’ll experience once you choose it as a venue for your wedding celebrations:

  • Beautiful architectural designs – Once you visit the place, you’ll notice the designs that make it a unique place to host your family and friends on your big day.
  • Quality services – There are quality services that the venue offers to guests according to their individual needs.
  • Luxury suites – There is a wide collection of accommodation options for guests to choose from.

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6. South Second

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 225 – 275

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 78 Reviews

South Second is located at 838 S. 2ND STREET MILWAUKEE, WI 53204. There are different categories of seating capacity in the venue. The seating capacity for cocktail receptions is up to 275 guests. The seating capacity for seated receptions is up to 225 guests. If you’re organizing for a wedding ceremony of about 225 guests, you can choose this as a preferable venue for their big day. Here are some of the features that make South Second a unique venue for wedding celebrations:

  • Quality interior designs – The interior designs in this wedding venue are uniquely designed to give your day the best. You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning beauty of the venue as you have a great time together with your family and friends.
  • Quality food – The wide range of foods you’ll find here are enough to give your day the kind of treat you’ll want for an unforgettable day like a wedding celebration.
  • Lounge – The lounge allows guests to have a semi-private space where they can talk and recharge as they experience the activities of the event.
  • Quality services – The quality of services offered here is top-notch. The staff members are highly trained and professional enough to give you the services that meet your needs to the fullest.

Indeed, this is one of the best wedding venues you’ll find in Milwaukee. If you’re interested in this venue you take a visit for more information.

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5. Harley-Davidson Museum – 1903 Events

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 7,705 Reviews

This is one of the venues you can trust to start the next chapter of your life with a bang. It is located at 400 WEST CANAL ST. MILWAUKEE, WI 53201. This is a place with a rich history of accommodating guests on their wedding days. If you’re in need of a wedding venue that answers your needs and allows you to enjoy your day, you can try this one. There are features and facilities that make this venue a unique one among the many places for hosting wedding ceremonies in Madison. Some of the features you expect to find in this magnificent venue include the following:

  • Adequate receptions space to accommodate guests comfortably
  • In-house catering-There is a wide-range of catering options available at the wedding venue
  • Excellent event coordination-You’re sure to have your wedding ceremony going on well because of the quality coordination services offered by the management
  • Wide-range of quality furniture for the occasion-cocktail tables, cake table, gift tables, and more
  • Customized floor plans
  • Dance floor for unlimited entertainment

Try the Harley-Davidson Museum -1903 Events for an experience to remember.

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4. Pritzlaff Events

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 180 – 350

Established in 1875

Rating Online: 4.5 Stars with 85 Reviews

Pritzlaff Events is a wedding venue with a history of operations dating back to 1875. Since its inception, the space has gone through redesigns and renovations that have made it the renowned ground it is today. It is located at 315 North Plankinton Avenue Milwaukee WI 53202. The venue has different spaces that can accommodate different numbers of guests. The spaces can accommodate 275, 350, 180, and 250 guests. Depending on the number of guests you have during your event, you can choose the space you want to use. It’s always advisable to go for a space that can accommodate your guests comfortably. You can also choose to use more than one space.

There are features that make the venue a unique one and ideal for wedding celebrations. They include:

  • Quality services – There is a team of highly qualified professionals in the hospitality industry who help you to plan and make sure that your event is successful.
  • Beautiful decorations – If you need decor for your big day, there a lots of options to choose from to make your event colorful
  • Quality furniture – You don’t need to find chairs and tables from outside because the venue offers to its guests.

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3. The Pfister Hotel

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 350

Opened in 1893

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 3,313 Reviews

The Pfister Hotel opened its doors in 1893. Since then, it has grown expansively to become one of the top venues for celebratory moments in Madison, Wisconsin. It is located at 424 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202. The Pfister Hotel can accommodate a seating capacity of 350 guests. The superb place has one of the best services in the city, making it a reliable option for your big day. When it comes to features and facilities available at this venue, you’ll not be disappointed because they have what it takes to make a day remarkable.

Here are features that are key in elevating the status of the Pfister Hotel to one of the top in Wisconsin:

  • Excellent and quality services-The staff make sure they go into much detail to ensure that you have the best services that align with your needs and preferences. For example, if you want detail in decoration and entertainment you’ll get exactly that.
  • Antique chandeliers
  • Rich draperies
  • Beautiful views
  • Marble accents

Consider this venue for the unforgettable experience you’re looking for on your wedding day. Your family and friends will appreciate the services and features on offer.

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2. The Ivy House

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Capacity: 250 – 340

Rating Online: 4.8 Stars with 197 Reviews

The Ivy House is located at 906 South Barclay Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204. It was once a warehouse, turned into a nightclub, and now it’s an amazing venue for hosting wedding events. After going through an expansive redesign, it has become one of the city’s best places to invite guests for ceremonies. It’s a place that will entertain your guests on your big day. The seating capacity is 250 guests. The outdoor patio can accommodate a total of 340 people. There are other features that make it a preferable wedding venue. The features and facilities include the following:

  • Quality services that put into consideration the needs and preferences of different guests
  • Bridal suite
  • Quality sound system for entertainment
  • Quality furniture-chairs and tables
  • Adequate space for effective interaction

If you’re looking for a place with comfort and the resources for an eventful wedding day celebration, you can check out the Ivy House. This is a place you’ll enjoy special moments on a special day of your life.

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1. Milwaukee Art Museum

Location: Hales Corners, WI

Capacity: 1,000

Established in 1888

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 5,960 Reviews

The Milwaukee Art Museum dates back to 1888. Over the years, the venue has experienced significant transitions that have made it the place of choice for hosting wedding events. It is located at 700 N. Art Museum Drive Milwaukee, WI 53202. One of the amazing things about the venue is the rental spaces it offers to guests. They are large enough to host a big event. The rental spaces can host up to 1000 guests. All you need is to check the space that fascinates you and can accommodate the total number of guests you have. Here are features that will interest you about this specific venue:

  • A wide-range of food options to choose from
  • Highly qualified and high quality services – The team of caterers has the capacity to identify and meet your needs to the fullest
  • Adequate space for interactions and having fun. Children have enough space to enjoy the activities of the day
  • Security – There is adequate security at the venue so you don’t have to worry about the safety of guests attending your event

For an impressive day, consider this venue to add joy to your family and friends.

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The Gardens Wedding Center

Location: Allenton, WI

Capacity: 150

Founded: 1844

Rating Online: 4.8 stars with 118 Reviews

Although it is not located exactly in Milwaukee (only 15 minutes north though), it packs that gorgeous and unforgettable look and feel that many brides crave. This “hidden gem” venue has been a long kept secret in the central Wisconsin area. It wasn’t until The KnotĀ© discovered this place in 2022 that it has started to hit the mainstream in terms of press and wedding coverage.


With breathtaking gardens and immaculate landscaping, The Gardens Wedding Center in Allenton, WI makes an ideal venue for your rustic wedding. This romantic location consists of 4 buildings, all of which can be used separately or combined to create an unforgettable setting for your ceremony and reception.

Whether you want to host your wedding in spring, summer, fall, or winter, you’ll find everything you need to make it your most beautiful day ever at The Gardens Wedding Center! This building has a beautiful church that can host any size wedding. Inside, you’ll find stained glass windows, rich woodwork, and other touches of class that make your day truly special.

Outside in summer or inside in winter, you’ll love saying your vows here. The garden is especially stunning-perfect for a formal ceremony or an intimate one.

With winding paths and beautiful flowers and grasses everywhere, it’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want something unique but timeless to mark your day as one of a kind. If it’s chilly outside on your big day, fear not! This space also has gorgeous ballrooms with high ceilings and chandeliers perfect for a magical evening affair.

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From the north: Take 41 South to Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (right) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.


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