The Top 10 Rustic Wedding Venues in Wisconsin

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When it comes time to start planning your big day, the venue will be one of the first things you need to decide on. While there are a lot of selections out there to suit every couple’s vision, there is something special and noteworthy about saying your I Do’s in a rustic setting. Old barns and churches bring romance and elegance to every special day, and they always have a wonderful story that adds to their charm. Every venue will have its own chic elements and rustic architecture. Take a look at the top ten rustic wedding venues we’ve found in Wisconsin.

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Outdoor Country Wedding

10. Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center

Location: Coon Valley, WI

Rating Online: 4.7 stars with 175 Reviews


The Norskedalen Nature & Heritage center was originally constructed as an outdoor laboratory and arboretum. The 112 acre farm was donated to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Foundation in 1977. The property has grown over the years to encompass 443 acres on two separate sites. In addition to functioning as a wedding and event venue, it is also home to a museum and nature center that strive to keep the culture and heritage alive today. Since it was founded, its mission has been to preserve the natural environment and provide an in depth educational center.


There are a lot of things to look forward to if you choose to host your wedding at Norskedalen. The natural serenity of the area provides an exceptionally romantic and peaceful place to say your vows and celebrate with friends and family. There is an open air shelter that keeps you close to nature, but there is also a rustic amphitheater to host your event indoors if you choose. If you’d prefer a traditional church wedding, the Benrud Little White Chapel is the perfect setting. It was built in 1886 and moved to Norskedalen in 2009 to host wedding ceremonies and other meaningful events. No matter what section of Norskedalen you choose for your wedding, you’ll be treated to the ideal combination of rustic architecture and elegance.

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9. Badger Farms

Location: Deerfield, WI

Capacity: 200

Rating Online: 4.7 stars with 66 Reviews


If you’ve dreamed of having your wedding on a real-life working farm, Badger Farms is the venue for you. The farm has been operating since 2006, and in addition to hosting events of all kinds, it is used for growing marsh hay for the community. Badger farms is an integral part of the Madison, Wisconsin community, and having your wedding there is a great way for you to experience just what a special place it is.


Badger Farms can host two types of weddings, a traditional wedding seating up to 200 guests or a mini wedding seating up to 30. Whether you are looking for an intimate gathering or a large party, this venue has the means to make it happen. There is a barn and banquet hall on site that are perfect settings for ceremonies and receptions. They each have their own kitchen to make catering easy, and they are close enough together to make transitions from one event to the next absolutely seamless.

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8. Vintage Fields at Farmin’ Betty’s

Location: Columbus, WI

Rating Online: 4.9 Stars with 29 Reviews


Located amongst rolling fields near Madison, Wisconsin, Vintage Fields at Farmin’ Betty’s is a spectacular rustic venue for anyone looking to get married surrounded by nature. The farm has been in the family since 1848, and not much has changed. The barn has been modernized and the carriage house converted to a bridal suite and small venue, but the rustic elements are still in place to ensure you get that vintage feel.


This venue is home to multiple indoor and outdoor locations where you can hold a ceremony and/or reception for your wedding. You can be married inside the vintage barn or in a beautiful sand area just outside it, but if you’re looking for an even more rustic theme, you can hold your ceremony on the grass with a hay field in the background. This location is pure elegance and rustic character.

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7. Milford Hills

Location: Johnson Creek, WI

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 90 Reviews


Milford Hills was established in 1996. In addition to hosting weddings and other events, it functions as a hunting and shooting location. There is also a pub on site for daily dining. This venue is one of the most versatile locations you can find in Wisconsin, so if you are looking to give your guests a truly unique wedding experience, this is the place to do it.


Milford Hills is one of the only venues that can provide a full wedding experience without any outside vendors. They have hunting grounds, beautiful locations for receptions and ceremonies, a full restaurant, and lodging for some of your most important guests. There are breathtaking indoor and outdoor ceremony/reception locations to suit every style and wedding size. Wherever you wander, you’ll find gorgeous wooden elements and a touch of nature around ever corner. There is really no better place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and find your inner peace on your special day.

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6. The Enchanted Barn

Location: Hillsdale, WI

Built in 1800’s

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 134 Reviews


The Enchanted Barn is located in the midst of beautifully forested countryside. It is nestled by acres of private property, rolling hills, fields, and forest. The barn itself was built in the 1800’s and has not lost any of its grandeur or rustic charm. This location is one that you’ll remember forever. A tall ceiling and open panelling ensures that you’ll have plenty of light and magic during your ceremony and reception. If you prefer to hold your event outdoors, every picture taken will capture the serenity and beauty of the surroundings.


With in-home chefs and years of experience hosting events, the staff at The Enchanted Barn are prepared and excited to do everything that needs doing to make your day as special as you’ve always dreamed it would be. This authentically charming location is surrounded by forest and open fields, and the barn itself has been modernized but keeps all of its rustic appeal.

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5. Old Rittenhouse Inn

Location: Bayfield, WI

Rating Online: 4.8 Stars with 291 Reviews


If your dream wedding involves rustic charm without the drive through the countryside or a remote location, the Old Rittenhouse Inn is the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, elopement, and rehearsal dinner. This vintage inn was Bayfield’s first country inn and restaurant, so right off the bat, you have a lot of special history surrounding you. With two Victorian homes offering 20 guest rooms and a private cottage for the couple, everyone attending the wedding will be surrounded by vintage, rustic charm.


One of the great things about this location is that all of the guests can stay on site. There is also a gourmet restaurant that will take care of all your catering needs so you don’t need to hire outside vendors. For a stress free, seamless wedding, this location has everything to offer. They can even arrange a horse drawn carriage/sleigh for you to ride off in anytime of year. If you’re looking for some rustic magic in a centralized location, you can’t do better than the Old Rittenhouse Inn and Le Chateau properties.

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4. Camp Nawakwa

Location: Lac Du Flambeau, WI

Capacity: 150

Founded in late 1920’s

Rating Online: 4.9 Stars with 45 Reviews


Camp Nawakwa is an incredibly unique wedding venue that offers wedding guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and beauty of the area. This location functions on a day to day basis as a camp, so wedding guests will have access to all of the amenities including boating, kayaking, and fishing. This camp was founded in the late 1920’s and was intended as a men’s/boy’s camp, but it was later converted to a family summer camp and then was transformed again to add event hosting to its list of functions.


With seating for up to 150 guests and 36 cabins available for the duration of the wedding celebrations, this venue is the ideal location for larger weddings. Your guests will be able to spread out and explore when the have down time, but the communal gathering areas are perfectly designed for keeping everyone connected. You will have the freedom to get married on the beach with a beautiful dock, treeline, and expanse of water stretching out behind you.

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3. Schuster’s Farm

Location: Deerfield, WI

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 621 Reviews


Schuster’s Farm is home to one of the most beautifully authentic centennial round barns you have ever seen. The farm is used mainly as a family gathering place May through October. In addition to hosting weddings and other events, they also have a corn maze in the fall, a haunted forest, bonfires, and a full host of other outdoor activities to partake in. One of the most appealing elements is the farm animals.


If you choose to host your wedding at Schuster’s Farm, there are a number of highlights you’ll want to be aware of. You’ll have access to the big centennial round barn for your event, but you can also use the Big Red Shed as an addition or replacement depending on how you envision your day. The kids and adults alike will have lots to keep them entertained, with the farm animals and outdoor activities available to the wedding guests. There is also plenty of outdoor space where you can choose to hold your ceremony and/or reception if you’d prefer to be closer to nature. After all the fun of the day and evening, you can wind down with a private bonfire.

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2. Brighton Acres

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Built in 1915

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 143 Reviews


Brighton Acres was named after the town’s original name (Town of Brighton) settled in 1847. Although the town’s name was later changed, Brighton Acres has remained true to the history of the area. The resident barn was built in 1915 and was actually the first of its kind in the area. This vintage barn is a wonderful wedding venue for anyone looking to connect with history and nature in one go. The barn is accompanied by a few other rustic, modernized buildings that all enclose a beautifully landscaped courtyard.


Whether you’re looking to have an indoor, outdoor, or mixed venue wedding, Brighton Acres is an exceptional choice. The large barn encloses 3000 square feet of open air space, and the other buildings on the property offer an additional 7000 square feet of indoor space to protect your guests from the elements. On beautiful days, the outdoor courtyard is a beautiful place to hold a ceremony. The rustic gazebo is an awe-inspiring place for a photo shoot, but no matter where you settle on your big day, you will be sure to appreciate the elegance and authenticity of these vintage structures and natural surroundings.

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1. Homestead Meadows Farm

Location: Appleton, WI

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 95 Reviews


The Homestead Meadows Farm has been operating as an event location since the mid 1980’s. They have hosted more than 5000 events, over 1600 of which were weddings. If you’re looking for true experts, you’ll find them at Homestead Meadows Farm. While there have been some pretty drastic renovations performed to get the barn up to event-hosting standards, the rustic charm and architecture are still in place to ensure you get the country wedding of your dreams.


The beautiful farm is located at the end of a country road and is surrounded by 50 acres of landscaped meadows accessible for your wedding. Two large tents, the two story barn, and movable arches ensure you can saw your vows anywhere on the property. On rainy days, the rustic hayloft becomes the perfect ceremony location. Who doesn’t want to get married in a hayloft? With the premium package, you’ll also be treated to campfires and hayrides around the property to truly appreciate the serenity and natural beauty that surrounds you on your special day. A courtyard of lights and outdoor games ensure you and your guests will have the time of your life.

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The Gardens Wedding Center

Location: Allenton, WI

Capacity: 150

Founded: 1844

Rating Online: 4.8 stars with 118 Reviews


The Gardens Wedding Center can be found on Highway 175 in Allenton. Its nearest neighbor is West Bend (15 mins), but it is easily accessible from Milwaukee (35 mins), Fond du Lac (25 mins), and Beaver Dam (25 mins). It is considered by many to be one of the most elegant wedding venues in Wisconsin! That’s why The Knot® ranked it so highly!


The Gardens Wedding Center resides in a 3 acre plot of land that is home to a four-building complex originally established in 1844. Of course, there have been some upgrades since then, but it retains all of its history. The church even has its original stained glass windows.

Seating Capacity

The maximum guest count that is allowed at this venue is 150. This is smaller than most other locations, so keep this limitation in mind as you prepare your invites and narrow the list down.

Best Features

The architecture and access to nature are the two biggest draws for this location. Grand, elegant buildings can host your ceremony and reception, but there are outdoor alternatives as well. This is truly the all-season venue of choice; no matter what season you book your wedding for, the landscape will produce absolutely stunning pictures to help you remember you day and stay relaxed while it is actually happening.

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AVAILABILITY (Booking through 2025)



We are nestled in the country just 4 miles off I-41.

From the south: Take 41/45 North. When 41 and 45 split, take 41 North. You will pass Slinger/Jackson Exit. Within 10 minutes you will come to an exit for Washington Street, otherwise known as Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (left) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.

From the north: Take 41 South to Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (right) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.


  • 35 Minutes from Milwaukee

  • 25 Minutes from Fond du Lac

  • 15 Minutes from West Bend

  • 25 Minutes from Beaver Dam

  • 7003 Hwy 175 Allenton, WI 53002

  • 262-629-4411