Top 9 Amazing Wedding Venues in Oshkosh WI

PLUS: A Newly Discovered Venue At The Bottom That Was Awarded By The Knot As A Top Venue in Wisconsin in 2022!!!

Finding a wedding venue is such an incredible time! Engaged couples get to tour plenty of locations and get a feel for what their big day will feel like when they exchange their vows. There’s so much to think about, and most of it involves your location, style and budget. If you happen to be looking for the best wedding venues in Oshkosh, WI you are in luck! We’ve been searching around to find them for you and create this Top 9 list.

Plus, there’s a unique wedding venue listed at the bottom that’s quite a hidden gem and is only 10 minutes south of Oshkosh that we know you’ll enjoy!

best wedding venues Oshkosh WI
Outdoor Country Wedding

9. The Howard

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 350

Rating Online: 4.7 stars with 215 Reviews

The Howard is a landmark wedding venue. The history of the place goes back to 1927. This is the year it was designed. It went through restorations and was reopened in 2018. Located at 405 Washington Ave. Oshkosh, WI, 54901, the Howard is strategically placed as a place of choice for couples intending to have a beautiful wedding ceremony. It can accommodate 350 guests.

The venue offers two event spaces. This is a confidence boost since it offers you adequate space to create joyful moments with your family. The venue offers a ballroom and a banquet hall. With an indoor setting that’s designed to meet the needs of guests, you’re sure to have a day to remember by choosing the Howard as your preferred wedding venue.

One of the great things about the venue is that it services different wedding events. Whether you want a wedding ceremony, reception, or rehearsal dinner, you’ll definitely get what you need here. The staff is more than capable of ensuring that you get what you need and prefer for your big day. Here are some of the features and unique things you’ll find here:

  • 7,000-square-foot concert hall
  • Grandiose entertainment hub
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Beautiful interior elements
  • Stunning furniture

This is one place you can consider for a remarkable wedding event.

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8. Becket’s Weddings

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 600

Rating Online: 4.4 stars with 19 Reviews

This is an amazing wedding venue in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is located at 2 Jackson St, Oshkosh, WI 54901. If you’re looking for a fine-looking place to have your wedding event, you can think about Becket’s Weddings. They have the history and experience of providing wedding event services to different guests. In fact, in the last 14 years, more than 1,000 couples have chosen Becket’s as their venue of choice.

With the level of experience and expertise present here, guests have the opportunity of seeing their wishes coming true. Everyone wants to experience success at their wedding, and this is the commitment of Becket’s weddings. With a space that accommodates 600 people, you’ll be able to bring your friends and family from far and wide to witness your beautiful transition.

One thing that makes guests happy with this place is that they customize their services and offerings to meet individual needs and preferences. They understand that clients are different and have diverse tastes. That’s why they are ready to listen to them. Here are some of the features and amenities that will interest you about this venue:

  • Outdoor event area
  • Excellent catering services on-site
  • Well-stocked bar and lounge
  • Customized services
  • A large meeting space

For an outstanding day, think about this venue as a great option for an experience full of happiness, love and joy for everyone.

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7. Best Western Premiere Waterfront Hotel

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 10-500

Built in 1985

Rating Online: 4.4 Stars with 1,538 Reviews

This is one of the best wedding venues in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is located at 1 N Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54901. Since it was built in 1985, it has continued to serve the people of Oshkosh with distinction. One of the aspects that makes this place popular is that it has various event spaces. This is a plus for couples as they know they can find a place to have their celebrations, rehearsals, and reception.

There are 5 event spaces with the largest accommodating 500 guests while the smallest accommodates 10 guests. Depending on the number of people you’re expecting on your wedding event, you have a space to have fun, laughter, and joyful moments with family and friends.

There are features and amenities that make this venue a viable choice for many couples in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

  • Amazing meeting space
  • Quality catering services at the venue
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Wireless internet
  • Beautiful decor and setting
  • Tables and chairs
  • Quality services from the expert staff

This is a place you can trust to deliver on your special day. Since you’re looking forward to a successful day, you should work with one of the best and this venue is tried and tested for that.

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6. La Sure’s Banquet Hall

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 400

Rating Online: 4.4 Stars with 111 Reviews

La Sure’s Banquet Hall has opened its doors for couples for years now. Since 2002, many couples have confessed that the venue allowed them to have the best day of their lives for memories they created. Located at 3125 S. Washburn St, Oshkosh, WI 54904, it is a perfect place for you to host a wedding event. The beautiful hall is able to host 400 guests. The banquet hall has the features that will make your dream wedding a reality.

There are features and amenities that make this place unique among the many options you’ll find in Oshkosh. Here are some of these features and amenities:

  • Adequate space for guests to interact
  • Beautiful outdoor garden
  • Water fountains
  • Chairs and tables
  • Wireless internet
  • Outdoor function area
  • Modern kitchen
  • Fully stocked lounge and bar
  • Quality catering services and options

Indeed, based on the history of this venue and how it continues to serve the people of the area, it is evident that you can trust it to offer you what you need for your wedding day. You can rely on them to deliver if you’re considering them.

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5. The Waters

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 300

Rating Online: 4.5 Stars with 177 Reviews

The Waters is a place you can visit to make your dreams a reality. If you’ve been wishing to have a serene wedding, the Waters is the venue to fulfill your wishes. Since its inception in 1903, the magnificent wedding venue continues to establish itself as a wedding destination for many couples. It is located at 1393 Washington Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901. In terms of the guests who can be comfortably accommodated at the venue, you can host up to 300 guests. Certainly, this is great space for friends and family to have a great time on your special day.

One thing that makes this venue a top choice for many couples is its waterfront location. If you’ll like to tap into the therapeutic aspect of water, this is one place you can confidently consider. There are amazing amenities that make this venue a preferred choice for many couples doing weddings. Here are some that will interest you:

  • The landmark yacht clubhouse
  • The beautiful and spread-out shore facing Lake Winnebago
  • Private harbor
  • A fully-stocked bar
  • Wide-ranging catering options that meet the needs and preferences of guests
  • Plenty of parking space for your guests

Not every place in Oshkosh will be ideal for your wedding. You need a venue that will make you happy and give you and your loved ones a reason to remember your amazing day. That’s why you should think of the Waters as a reliable option.

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4. Poplar Creek Barn

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 300

Created in 2018

Rating Online: 4.7 Stars with 46 Reviews

For a rustic feel coupled with modern amenities, try out Poplar Creek Barn. Since 2018, the popular venue has been offering wedding venue offers for couples getting married. Located at 4541 Co Rd K, Oshkosh, WI 54904, the venue has the strategic advantage of attracting guests from far and wide. One of the great things about this venue is that you get to work with an amazing planning team who give you wonderful ideas on how you can make your dream wedding a reality.

In other words, you’re not alone in this journey. You don’t have to worry about the stresses of planning and executing an excellent wedding event. Something else about this venue that will interest you is its seating capacity. If you have a maximum of 300 guests, they will be comfortably accommodated at this venue.

Here are the awesome amenities that go a long way to make Poplar Creek Barn a popular wedding venue in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They include the following:

  • An open concept floor design with high ceilings
  • A full service bar
  • Barn wood furniture-chairs and tables
  • Handicap ramp
  • Bridal suite
  • House rentals
  • Experienced and high quality staff able to customize services according to the needs of guests

For moments that will create memories, try out Poplar Creek Barn.

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3. Brighton Acres

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 300

Built in 1940s

Rating Online: 4.6 Stars with 132 Reviews

Brighton Acres is a wedding venue that understands the significance of monumental moments in people’s lives. A wedding is one of these days and the management of this superlative venue knows how to give you a memorable experience. It is located at 4057 Fisk Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54904. The history of Brighton Acres goes back to the 1940s.

Decades have passed since the venue was acquired and it has developed to become one of the best wedding venues in Oshkosh. The venue is able to accommodate 300 guests. If you have a maximum of 300 guests for your wedding event, you can consider it as your venue of choice.

There are unique amenities and features that elevate the status of this venue to one of the best in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

  • The bar – guests can gather here to enjoy drinks as the ceremony goes on
  • A large indoor reception space with amazing interior designs and decorations
  • A beautiful courtyard that contributes to the happy mood of the day
  • A dressing room
  • Handicap accessible
  • Quality services and professional staff to attend to the planning and emerging needs of guests

If you’re planning for a wedding soon, check out their offerings to see if they match with what you want.

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2. Paine Art Center & Gardens

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Capacity: 200

Built in 1925

Rating Online: 4.8 Stars with 771 Reviews

Paine Art Center & Gardens is one of the best wedding venues in Oshkosh. This superb place is located at 1410 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh, WI 54901. When talking about the history of this venue, the story goes back to 1925. The history of this place is enough evidence that it has what it takes to offer you the experience you’ll live to remember about your wedding day. The place can comfortably accommodate 200 guests.

Just like it is for any unique venue, there are features that make this venue distinctive. Here are some of the features and amenities you’ll experience by choosing this venue to host your wedding event.

  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for guests
  • A striking place for wedding photography- A place to make great memories
  • A high quality staff with the capacity to handle the tastes and preferences of different guests
  • Outside catering is allowed at the wedding venue

A wedding venue should be one that will give you joy, happy moments, and beautiful memories. It calls for a careful consideration. Give a thought to this venue as you plan for your wedding.

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The Gardens Wedding Center

Location: Allenton, WI

Capacity: 150

Founded: 1844

Rating Online: 4.8 stars with 118 Reviews

Although it is not technically an Oshkosh wedding venue, it is only 10 minutes south of the city and a very easy drive. This “hidden gem” venue has been a long kept secret in the central Wisconsin area. It wasn’t until The Knot© discovered this place in 2022 that it has started to hit the mainstream in terms of press and wedding coverage.

With breathtaking gardens and immaculate landscaping, The Gardens Wedding Center in Allenton, WI makes an ideal venue for your rustic wedding. This romantic location consists of 4 buildings, all of which can be used separately or combined to create an unforgettable setting for your ceremony and reception.

Whether you want to host your wedding in spring, summer, fall, or winter, you’ll find everything you need to make it your most beautiful day ever at The Gardens Wedding Center! This building has a beautiful church that can host any size wedding. Inside, you’ll find stained glass windows, rich woodwork, and other touches of class that make your day truly special.

Outside in summer or inside in winter, you’ll love saying your vows here. The garden is especially stunning-perfect for a formal ceremony or an intimate one.

With winding paths and beautiful flowers and grasses everywhere, it’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want something unique but timeless to mark your day as one of a kind. If it’s chilly outside on your big day, fear not! This space also has gorgeous ballrooms with high ceilings and chandeliers perfect for a magical evening affair.

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From the north: Take 41 South to Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (right) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.


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