Top 7 Wedding Venues in Sheboygan

PLUS: A Newly Discovered Outdoor Venue At The Bottom That Was Awarded By The Knot As A Top Venue in Wisconsin in 2022!!!

So you’re searching online for the top wedding venues in Sheboygan, WI? Well, do we have a list for you! It’s your special day, and you deserve the absolute best place to get married and celebrate with all your friends and family. These venues top the mark in all categories – beauty, affordability, excellent features and the ability to create breathtaking memories. Come take a look at our top 7 list, and then check out the BONUS venue we listed at the bottom. This venue was just awarded the Top Wisconsin Venue 2022 by The Knot® and it’s only 20 minutes away from Sheboygan!

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Outdoor Country Wedding

7. Destination Kohler

Location: Kohler, WI

Capacity: 750

Rating Online: 4.7 stars with 87 Reviews

Destination Kohler is one of the wonderful wedding venues you can opt for in Sheboygan. It is located at 444 Highland Drive, Kohler, WI 53044. The venue can host up to 750 guests. This is a venue with a rich history of hosting different events to the satisfaction of guests.

There are amazing amenities that make this venue one of the best. They include the following:

  • Stylish indoor and outdoor settings – If you’re looking for elegance in indoor and outdoor designs, this is a place you can rely on to give you memorable experiences on your wedding day
  • Beautiful gardens – Beauty is one aspect that you’ll definitely notice in this venue. Imagine taking your vows in a garden full of attractive and amazing flowers.
  • Effective planning – If you need any help with the planning of your wedding, there is quality and timely help for you. There are specialists who will take care of every detail of your wedding and make it an unforgettable day.
  • Bridal Spa Offerings – On your big day, you need to be relaxed to achieve the very best. Your bridal party should be at its best before the big day. This is something that Destination Kohler knows how to do best by giving your bridal party a memorable experience.
  • Accommodation – There is quality accommodation for your guests at this venue. You don’t have to worry about where your guests will rest because there are elegant lodgings with the best services.

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6. Lake Orchard Farm Retreat

Location: Sheboygan, WI

Capacity: 225

Built in 1900

Rating Online: 4.5 stars with 72 Reviews

Lake Orchard Farm Retreat is another wedding venue that you can trust to offer you the best and offer you the very best on your special day. You’ll find this amazing wedding venue at W839, Lake Orchard Ct, Sheboygan, WI 53083.

Since it was originally built in 1900, it has continued to be a popular venue for guests from far and wide. With a seating capacity of about 225 guests, you’ll be able to host a good number of your friends and family. There are various amenities and features that make this venue a unique one. Here are the features and amenities you’ll get to experience by choosing this as your preferred venue:

  • A rustic and stylish environment-Though the atmosphere is rustic, it has the elegance that will make day one to remember.
  • Beautiful views-Lake Michigan views add to the uniqueness and beauty of the place
  • Quality lighting-Quality lighting is something that makes this venue one of the best in Sheboygan.
  • Quality catering services-The catering services offered here are full of high quality to the delight of guests.

Try out Lake Orchard Farm Retreat for a wedding experience to remember.

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5. Pine Hills Country Club

Location: Sheboygan, WI

Capacity: 230

Rating Online: 4.8 Stars with 12 Reviews

This magnificent wedding venue is located at 4914 Superior Ave Sheboygan, WI. This is a venue with decades of service to guests from far and wide. Those who have visited the place understand how superb it is. With a seating capacity of 230 people, it has the space and environment to invite your close family members and friends.

Just like any other unique wedding venue, there are features and amenities that make it special. Here are a couple of the features you’ll experience once you choose this as your preferred location for your big-day celebrations.

  • Professional planning-There is an expert who will assist you as you plan for your special day. You’ll have ideas that will make your day a truly memorable one
  • Highly qualified and passionate staff-The members of staff are highly qualified and experienced to help make your dream day a reality. The staff helps with the decoration and any other task to make your day an unforgettable one.
  • Diverse menu options-There’s an option to customize the day’s menu to fulfill your desires
  • A dedicated kitchen staff
  • A large dance floor for entertainment purposes
  • Handicap accessible space
  • Beautiful panoramic view
  • Quality bridal rooms

If you’re looking for a wedding venue to help you bring your family together for a time of fun and joy, you can consider Pine Hills Country Club.

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4. Weill Center

Location: Sheboygan, WI

Capacity: 400

Opened in 1928

Rating Online: 4.8 Stars with 345 Reviews

The Weill Center was opened in 1928 and it has established itself as a preferred wedding venue with reputable standards of quality. It is strategically located at 826 N 8th St, Sheboygan, WI 53081, thus making it one of the best wedding venues in Sheboygan. If you’re having a wedding event and you’re looking for a place to host it, you can consider settling for this remarkable venue. The auditorium can accommodate up to 400 guests. Certainly, this is a favorable space to bring your close friends and family members together for a great day.

Here are the features and amenities you’ll experience in the Weill Center:

  • Event coordinator – A dedicated personnel will work with you to ensure that all you need for your event is present and also make sure that the activities of the day run smoothly
  • Photography – You can make use of the theater to take nice photos to remember how your day was
  • Technical staff – There is a technical staff that will help you with things like decoration and lighting, and sound system.
  • Adequate security – You don’t have to worry about security because there is a dedicated team that takes care of that.

For one of the best and high quality wedding event services in Sheboygan, you can consider this venue.

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3. The Berkshire Event Venue

Location: Sheboygan, WI

Capacity: 300

Rating Online: 4.8 Stars with 38 Reviews

The Berkshire Event Venue is one of the best venues to visit in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It is located at 821 N 8th St, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Since its inception, the venue has gone through transformations to become one of the most sought-after venues in the city. The venue accommodates 300 people, which is enough to give your guests an impressive experience.

With the years that this place has been operational, it is without a doubt that it has the capacity to offer you what you need on your big day. There are notable features you should know about the Berkshire Event Venue.

  • Beautiful views – You’ll enjoy beautiful views for choosing this venue as your preferred one
  • Customized services – The management makes sure that there are customized services offered here to meet the individual needs and preferences of guests
  • Quality services – The quality services offered here are enough to give you a truly outstanding experience
  • Amazing furniture – The chairs and tables are well decorated match with your special day
  • Security – You don’t have to worry about the safety of your guests because there is reliable security at the venue

This is an ideal place you can consider for your wedding event without worrying about disappointments.

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2. Amore Banquet Hall

Location: Plymouth, WI

Capacity: 220

Rating Online: 4.8 Stars with 53 Reviews

Amore Banquet Hall is located at 18 W Mill St., Plymouth, WI 53073. Its strategic placement makes it one of the best wedding venues in the area. The venue has a wealth of experience in hosting guests of different tastes and preferences and giving them the kind of experience they will remember forever.

The seating capacity at this beautiful venue is 220. If you’re looking for a place to host your family and friends during your wedding event, this is a place you can rely on to give you the very best.

The amenities at Amore Banquet Hall include the following:

  • Quality meals with menu diversity to satisfy the tastes of your guests
  • Excellent sound system and entertainment to keep your guests fully engaged
  • Accessibility for disabled guests
  • A fully-stocked bar for those who want refreshments during the event
  • Customized services that address the needs and preferences of different guests

If you’re looking for a place that will create beautiful memories, this is one you can try out with confidence.

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1. Blue Harbor Resort

Location: Sheboygan, WI

Capacity: 500

Opened in 2004

Rating Online: 4.4 Stars with 2.699 Reviews

Blue Harbor Resort is one of the places you can host guests on your wedding day and be proud of yourself. It is located at 725 Blue Harbor Dr, Sheboygan, WI 53081. The resort opened its operations to the public in 2004. Since then, it has continued to serve as one of the places where couples prefer to host their wedding events.

The resort can accommodate up to 500 guests, and can be completely flexible with guest lists smaller too. The Blue Harbor Resort continues to top the charts as an impeccable wedding venue location. Their staff takes amazing care of the entire wedding party, and the scenery can be customized to perfectly match you deepest desire. If you search online, The Blue Harbor Resort pops up often as a top 1 or 2 wedding venue in the local area and it’s for good reason!

The features present at this venue include:

  • Succulent meals from quality crafted menus
  • Quality staff and expert coordination of activities
  • Beautiful décor
  • Attractive views for treasured celebrations

Try out this wedding venue to add color to your great day!

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The Gardens Wedding Center

Location: Allenton, WI

Capacity: 150

Founded: 1844

Rating Online: 4.8 stars with 118 Reviews

YES! The Bonus venue is ALSO the #1 ranked outdoor wedding venue in Wisconsin on our list. We’re a little biased, but we truly believe we have the most incredible space for two people to tie the knot. And clearly The Knot© believes so too when they discovered us in late 2021. Within a few weeks, The Gardens Wedding Center received a coveted Best Venues In Wisconsin badge of honor!

With breathtaking gardens and immaculate landscaping, The Gardens Wedding Center in Allenton, WI makes an ideal venue for your rustic wedding. This romantic location consists of 4 buildings, all of which can be used separately or combined to create an unforgettable setting for your ceremony and reception.

Whether you want to host your wedding in spring, summer, fall, or winter, you’ll find everything you need to make it your most beautiful day ever at The Gardens Wedding Center! This building has a beautiful church that can host any size wedding. Inside, you’ll find stained glass windows, rich woodwork, and other touches of class that make your day truly special.

Outside in summer or inside in winter, you’ll love saying your vows here. The garden is especially stunning-perfect for a formal ceremony or an intimate one.

With winding paths and beautiful flowers and grasses everywhere, it’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want something unique but timeless to mark your day as one of a kind. If it’s chilly outside on your big day, fear not! This space also has gorgeous ballrooms with high ceilings and chandeliers perfect for a magical evening affair.

Scroll to see several photos courtesy of The Gardens Wedding Center throughout our gallery page here.

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We are nestled in the country just 4 miles off I-41.

From the south: Take 41/45 North. When 41 and 45 split, take 41 North. You will pass Slinger/Jackson Exit. Within 10 minutes you will come to an exit for Washington Street, otherwise known as Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (left) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.

From the north: Take 41 South to Hwy 33, Allenton Exit. Turn West (right) onto Hwy 33 to Hwy 175. Turn North (right) and we are a mile and a half on the left.


  • 35 Minutes from Milwaukee

  • 25 Minutes from Fond du Lac

  • 15 Minutes from West Bend

  • 25 Minutes from Beaver Dam

  • 7003 Hwy 175 Allenton, WI 53002

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